Adjustable Odaiko Stand

Designed by: Justin Hicks, Itchy-O

Built by: Justin Hicks

Materials: Steel Tube

We were approached by Denver performance group Itchy-O to create a custom odaiko stand for their stage show. Keeping all the essential features of a traditional stand, we worked with the band to add some elements to make it work better for the spectacle nature of Itchy-O’s show. The stand is designed for easy construction and take down for load-ins and transport. It rolls on castors with brakes to allow for transitions during a performance. The drum can also rotate 45 or 90 degrees to allow for players to take different positions. The band showcases players trained in the   traditional Japanese drumming style, and in building the stand, we were sure to meet all the specifications required and any modifications were approved by the players. Truly a fun piece to create that is still used by the band today.

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