Our Process

Look, we know you’re excited to get a cool thing for your thing, but to INCITE, designing and building is just as fun. That’s why we are here for you. It’s our company’s goal to let you enjoy the process as much as we do. We’ve laid out our general operation path so you can see how easy it is to go from idea to presentation. We’re not here to pressure you into rentals or convince you to expand your idea past your budget. You are in control. We want to make what you want, in the way you want, and it will all fit in your budget. Here are the steps we’ll take to accomplish this:



What’s in that brilliant brain of yours? Let us be the midwife to your brainchild. Too intimate? Maybe you just want to chat and get to know us before we make a commitment to each other. Wherever you are in your creative process we’d love to get to know you and your project. This first step is low key. No pressure or diamond rings here… or babies.



This second step could very well happen during step one. But if not, this is where we get to know the details. The obvious ones: What is your deadline? What is your budget? Do you need a cool thing that is permanent or temporary? Do you already have a design or perhaps need assistance? And then there’s the more unusual Q’s: How many giant puppets, with how many eye balls on each one? How fast do you want the tornado to spin above the audience? Does the swan wing need to be water resistant?

We want to understand as much as we can to be as efficient as possible when creating your bid options.



This is when we consider if your crazy idea is possible. Of course it is! (Well, more than likely.) During this step we contemplate the possibilities and various methods of executing your project. Our goal here is to achieve maximum creativity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.



One of our core values is honest bidding. Basically, we don’t want to screw you over. Under no circumstance will we ever oversell, cheat or exploit your trust. Our protocol is to create a “bid menu,” of sorts, so you can choose the option(s) that feel like the best choice for your situation. We make sure that any option we give you is viable and fits within your project’s necessities. Here are a few good examples:
~ You need 45 two-foot wooden cubes OR we could use cardboard to save on materials.
~ You need a beautiful 4-foot medallion with a floral inlay of rose wood, mahogany and white ebony OR our scenic artists could paint on a single piece of material to create the illusion of inlay.
~ You’re on a seriously tight budget, we can do a consultation on how to D-I-Y, or we can also advise you on how to get your project started and then come in later to put any finishing touches on your cool thing before it’s Go Time!
Whichever bid you may choose, we do require a down payment that is a percentage of your bid so we can get your project moving along. We are always willing to negotiate so everyone can feel comfortable



This is where we… you know… make it.




Depending on which bid you choose this step could basically start at two different places. (1) If your idea needs to be designed from scratch or fleshed out a little more, we will schedule check-in’s with you to present our drawings and ideas to make sure we’re on the right track. Until the design is finalized and everyone is on the same page, we will not move forward with production, a.k.a physically making stuff. (2) If your idea is already designed and ready to start being produced then we’d love for you to come by our shop and see it! If coming to our shop location doesn’t always fit within your schedule, we are more than happy to send pictures.


The time is finally here for your idea to be unveiled. If you need us to install, we got you covered. If you also need us to break it down, no problem. If you just want to pick it up, great! However you need your project to be delivered, we have your back. The one favor we would ask is an invitation to your cool thing and snag pictures to add to our collection. We’re always happy to see your idea come to fruition and a little sad for it to be over. But we’re here for you when you’re ready for your next cool thing!