Places Swan Wing

Idea From: Scott McCormick

Built By: Katie Webster, Justin Hicks, Scott McCormick

Materials: Aluminum, Foam, Plastic Foliage

When Scott McCormick was designing the cover for You Me & Apollo’s single, Places, he had a very clear vision of what he wanted, but he knew he would need some help capturing it. McCormick loves taking fantastical photos, but in reality, avoiding building things in post-production photoshop. He asked us to build a large swan wing that could hold it’s shape while submerged in water. We built a basic aluminum frame to hold together the feathers, which were made of repurposed plastic foliage. The wing survived the shoot and now lives with members of the band. We also were there to help with the filming of the music video for the single. Sadly, the band decided to part ways, making this their last single, and a beautiful send off to the work they had done together.

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