Idea From: Faceman, Justin Hicks, Lindsay Senior

Built By: Justin Hicks, Lindsay Senior, Denver Tool Library, Faceman, Emily Hurd, Kyle Simpson

Materials: Repurposed steel tube, poultry fence, paper, black fabric, aircraft cable, assorted furniture

For his second giant music festival, Faceman wanted to theme the stage as a 100 year storm, with a giant tornado and destruction all over the Oriental Theatre. To accomplish this, INCITE teamed up with our friends at the Denver Tool Library to destroy a bunch of house hold items, but to do so in a way that was creative and interesting to look at. These piece would be scattered amongst the stage, engulfing the bands that would play. The DTL also helped us to paint fake warning signs which we hung up all over the venue. The center piece was a giant 16′ tall tornado made of paper that was rigged from a ceiling fan to spin the whole weekend. On the first night, we hung battery powered lights on the inside of the piece, causing an almost disco ball lighting effect on the venue walls. The second night saw the tornado being lit up by projections. Finally, the main stage was split in half, with curtains covering each side separately. The curtains would be pulled every 20 minutes to reveal the next band while covering the stage the previous band played. The curtains were designed and painted by Lindsay in about 10 hours. INCITE also helped to promote the show by creating fake news report videos announcing the show that were shared online.


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