Idea from: Katie Webster

Choreographed by: Andi Cowles, Jen GaNun

Music by: Melissa

Filmed and edited by: Sara Megyesy

Produced by: Justin Hicks, Lindsay Senior, Katie Webster, Keli Sequoia

This site-specific dance was spawned from a passing thought that a stone staircase in the middle of Denver could be a cool place to have to do a group dance. INCITE decided to produce it ourselves, teaming up with some of our favorite artists in town. Tigress Dance choreographed and rehearsed the piece over the course of two months with large group of dancers from all different backgrounds, including a couple INCITE members. Melissa composed an original piece inspired by the locations appearance at night. Sara Megyesy filmed the happening in one night and put together a video for us. Everyone involved in this project did it for the sake of making art apart of the everyday, and we can’t thank them enough for their participation.

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