Designed By: Nils BerthoSam RictusScrew Tooth

Painted By: Lindsay Senior, Katie Webster, Keli Sequoia, 20+ Denver Artists

Screw Tooth, an absolute favorite artist of INCITE, transformed the Buntport Theatre into an exploded gallery representing the work of French artists Nils Bertho and Sam Rictus. INCITE was asked to paint a mural representing a battle between the two artists’ styles spreading over a 50′x 20′ wall. Projections were used for some of the sections, but more detailed areas were drawn free hand. Due to the three week time restriction, we called for the help of 20+ Denver artists who volunteered their time to see it get done. We also constructed a giant throne made of TV screens that could be manipulated live during a number of events that were held in the space. The mural was ultimately painted over for the next production at Buntport.

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