Idea From: Lost Walks, Liz Holland, Alvino Salcedo, Katie Webster

Built By: Katie Webster, Justin Hicks, Lindsay Senior, Liz Holland, Alvino Salcedo, Lost Walks

Materials: White Paper, White tulle

Andy Thomas and Jen GaNun wrote a story they hoped to turn into a rock opera. To do this they reached out to their favorite Denver musicians, artists, and INCITE. We teamed up with Liz Holland and Alvino Salcedo to use their art in creating an environment for the performance of the opera, which needed to be able to travel with the band if they were to tour the album. While the band, which became known as Lost Walks, was working on the album, INCITE started designing 11′ tall tarot card panels made of paper, that could be rolled up and easily transported. In the end, each song on the album, Man Woman Wolf, was represented by one panel. The music was debuted at Syntax Psychic Opera, with all the proceeds going to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. The hope is to continue building and expanding the show as well as continue to create new concept pieces with Lost Walks in the future.

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