Our work is drawing attention from press, artists, and businesses, and we will make sure that your project does, too

INCITE’s very first project as a team, Faceman’s Giant Megalodon Stage, earn a Best Of… Westword award for stage production in 2014. Ever since, we keep popping up in view of the city of Denver. Our goal has always been to make art a part of the everyday, and that’s your’s, our’s, and our neighbors’ everyday. We want people to see you idea and we want you to be happy with what people are seeing. Just like we keep you informed about our build process, we’ll keep in constant communication on how the final product will be displayed. We want to make sure that installing and presenting the work is easy, so you can spend your time talk to your audience.

Most of our projects come from referrals or repeat clients. That means people love their experience with us, and their going out and telling others about us. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. We want to be your go to source for helping bringing your ideas to life. Check out the Testimonial page to see what people are saying about us.