About Us

INCITE Colorado is a scenic design and production company that creates a cool thing for your thing. It’s as easy and open as that. We’ve been using our skills as builders, painters, and creators in the theatre and art communities for years, and now we’re offering them to anyone who wants to bring an idea to reality or wants to create something unforgettable for their event.

The best way to explain what we do is by telling you about our first project as INCITE, when Faceman, a Denver band already known for their elaborate stage show, approached us with a simple request, “I want to play inside a giant megalodon at my next show.” After a couple of meetings and site visits, we fulfilled his hope and built a shark concert shell that grabbed some acclaim and was built with around $50 worth of materials. The megalodon is still brought up during Faceman’s appearances.

The core of the INCITE team is its founders, Justin Hicks and Keli Sequoia. The two met while building sets for the Denver Center For The Performing Arts. While working on the beautifully elaborate productions for the theatre company, they shared their love for outsider art and built a bond on the promise that they would help each other bring their artistic ideas to fruition, as well as the ideas of their community. Of course, this task was would require some more assistance, and soon Lindsay Senior and Katie Webster joined the fold, bringing with them their skills as professional scenic painters and prop artisans. Together the team has worked with some of Colorado’s best and brightest, making anything from tiny props for photo shoots, to giant backdrops for bands and festivals, to permanent installs at local restaurants. INCITE is bound to the idea of being Colorado’s go-to production group for artists, businesses, and just about anyone who wants a cool thing for their thing.

Andy Thomas did great job describing us and our beginnings in his article for Westword. Check it out HERE.


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