Denver Tool Library Turn’s One

Design by: Sarah Steiner, Justin Hicks, Keli Sequoia, Lindsay Senior

Built by: Denver Tool Library, Justin Hicks, Keli Sequoia, Lindsay Senior, Katie Webster

Materials: Recycled Cardboard, brass grommets

The DTL is amazing institution that works just like a library, but with tools. They are a resource and a community that supports DIY in all it’s forms and creates an environment where it’s members can learn and create with each other to build amazing things. Naturally, we consider them to be comrades and essential partners in making art apart of the everyday. We were honored they asked us to create a piece for their first anniversary party at the Denver Civic Theatre. While INCITE focused on making a 7 foot tall baby in the style of a Wayne White puppet, DTL volunteers helped to create assorted, oversized tools made out of cardboard. The library is still in possession of the puppet.

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