Faceman’s Pink Soap

Idea from: FacemanScott McCormick

Built by: Justin Hicks, Lindsey Mayer, Faceman

Materials: Recycled cardboard, recycled pine lumber, recycled newspaper, cornstarch

Faceman was asked to perform at Red Rocks for their Film On The Rocks series. He wanted something to help the band stand out to the audience coming to see Fight Club that night. The idea was to create a giant version of the movies famous pink soap bar, but have it say the band’s name. The soap was designed around having to come apart to fit in the bands trailer as well as the need for a swift load and strike on stage during the show’s tight schedule. It was also made lightweight with it’s framed cardboard construction. The bar made an rememberable impact on the audience as well as the venue’s stagehands who helped to set it up.

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