Journey To The Sun

Idea From: FacemanScott McCormick, Justin Hicks

Built By: Justin Hicks, Denver Tool Library, Lindsay Senior, Keli Sequoia, Faceman, Scott McCormick

Materials: Repurposed 3/4″ plywood, recycled cardboard, paper, foam core, black fabric, aircraft cable, assorted toys and tools

Faceman produced a music festival consisting of 40+ bands in two days at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in downtown Denver. He chose the theme Journey To The Sun as he likened an artist’s life to being an astronaut headed towards the sun. We know it could end in disaster and that it will be a suicide mission from the start, but we can’t help the impulse to explore the unknown and we know the journey itself will be worth it all. We worked with him on the design of rocket, which we modeled after an Airstream trailer. The ship was about 10’x5′ and hung over the main stage. ‘Interactive Museum Panels’ were made by volunteers to help bring the space theme into the house and offered humorously educational activities for the audience to play around with during the show. The stage was split with two drawn curtains to allow for the setup of one band while the another was performing. The Denver Tool Library, a favorite Denver institution of ours, held open work calls to help us create the scenery for the festival. The success of this show would lead to Faceman’s next show, The 100-Year Storm.

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