Starjammer Base Station

Idea From: Squids Madden, Justin Hicks

Built by: Justin Hicks, Squids Madden

Materials: Steel, plywood, aluminum

Squids Madden is a dub-machine in his own right. A staple in the Denver music scene, he has probably sat in with every ska or brass band that has played in the city. So when he approached us to help him build a base station for his one-man avant-garde/Dub-Reggae band, named Starjammer, we had to take the project on. Three reasons: 1) It’s a really cool idea 2) Squids is as kind as he is creative 3) He named the project after an X-Men group. The task laid before us, to build a stand that could hold all of his gear, while making set-up easier, working in the space aesthetic, and it has to be portable. What we came up with was a box on wheels that could be lifted on to a stand and opened to reveal multiple shelves. Then a stand could be attached to the side of the stand that holds up his bass and his saxophone. Then connected some cables, plugging things in, Starjammer is ready to fly. We consider this an ongoing project as his show is sure to adapt and updates can be made to better suit the station to his music.


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