Strange Americans Backdrop

Designed By: Scott McCormick, Lindsay Senior

Painted By: Lindsay Senior, Keli Sequoia, Katie Webster

For Strange Americans That Kind Of Luster album release show, the band wanted to put on a show their fans would remember. They asked INCITE to recreate Scott McCormicks album cover on a 15’x12’ hand painted backdrop. Already being fans of their music, we were happy to oblige. The drop was sized to fit at the Bluebird Theatre, where the album release show occurred, but they kept the drop and have since hung it up at venues that can accommodate it. INCITE was also interviewed for the Marquee Magazines coverage of the event. Justin took the opportunity to explain how hand painting a backdrop gives it a “warmth like vinyl, as opposed to listening to an mp3.” This earth matches the feel of the band, whose authenticity shines bright and music hits hard.

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