Wanda and The Wave

Idea From: Sondra Blanchard

Built By: Justin Hicks, Katie Webster

Materials: Steel, Fabric

Public Works Theatre Company had created a beautiful show entitled Wanda And The Wave, based on the book The Old Woman And The Wave by Shelley Jackson. The piece was interactive with puppets, a live score, and simple colorful set. It was here were they needed a little help from INCITE. Sondra, the artistic director, asked us to improve upon their wave design. What we created was simple steel structure wrapped in a stretchy fabric to offer durability and flexibility. Viewed from one side, the wave was present, ready to crash on poor Wanda’s house. Viewed from the other side, the wave took the shape of the house itself, allowing for an interior scene. A third side was made of solid fabric to allow for the puppeteers to perform a shadow play. We had a blast helping out Sondra and her company and would later work with her on another show entitled Flight of Fancy.


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