Washington’s Crossing

Idea from: Justin Hicks

Built by: Justin Hicks, Keli Sequoia

Materials: Used electric golf cart, recycled strap steel, recycled luan, recycled cardboard

Costumes from: Disquises Costumes

On top of collaborating with artists to make their ideas become reality, we also like to work on our own dreams, too. Justin had the idea of dressing up as George Washington and crossing Delaware Street in Denver’s Baker District. To accomplish this, INCITE fixed up a wrecked golf cart and created a boat apparatus to wrap around it. We spent the afternoon driving our boat cart across Delaware street, occasionally picking up passers by, allowing them to cross the street safely. Sparklers and lemonade were handed out, and Katie Webster did a live painting of the event. The happening was done without any announcement and meant to surprise anyone who passed by. The neighbors didn’t seem to mind too much.

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