William Oliver’s Whiskey Cabinet

Designed by: Keli Sequoia

Built by: Keli Sequoia, Lindsay Senior, Mike Van Artsen

Materials: Repurposed high school bleacher board, steel, circle punched metal sheeting

INCITE loves making beautiful things out the discarded. Why build simple cabinetry when the materials can be just as interesting as what’s being shelved. This piece, made start to finish by Keli Sequoia, was built for William Oliver’s Publick House located in Fort Collins, Colorado. William Oliver is loved for it’s wide range of whiskeys, so they needed a place to display their stock as well as keep it safe. This front of house liquor storage cabinet securely locks in three locations with plenty of room for their needs. The center features a kegerator which was previously cherry red but refinished to a shiny black by Lindsay Senior to match the unit and pub’s overall aesthetic.

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