Designed by: Justin Hicks, Itchy-O

Built by: Justin Hicks, Katie Webster

Materials: Aluminum, foam, dryer hose, fur, feathers

Itchy-O is known for their larger then life live shows, becoming a temple for the dark, strange, and unpredictable. The band came to INCITE with idea of taking one of their performers, a shrouded creep who disappears amongst the audience and appears only to commit acts ritual weirdness, and make them giant sized and unavoidable. Taking inspiration from the giant puppets of Carnival and Jim Henson’s big daddy puppets, we put together a backpack apparatus that could be operated by one person, with the head of the puppet standing 12′ in the air. The hands were created by Katie Webster and gave the appearance that a giant bird witch was hidden underneath the shroud of the giant creep. Itchy-O brings out the puppets from time to time to surprise there audience.

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